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Funeral Home in West Point, MS

20150617_183034Carter Funeral Home has been in business for more than 60 years in West Point. Our goal is to render funeral service with dignity and honor. For many years we have been known as "The House of service" / " Compassion in Action". We do our very best to live up to these titles by catering to the family's every need.

We know that people experience a wide range of emotions after a loss. there are many decisions to make. Our staff will attend to your needs with courtesy, passion and understanding.

We offer Prearranged funeral contracts. You have the option to select the merchandise you desire and have a say in how your funeral service is carried out. Call us for more information.


  • We perform funeral services anywhere in Mississippi
  • We sell life and burial insurance
  • We honor all insurance policies
  • We ship or receive remains out of state

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