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Funeral Planning

Whether you have recently had a loved one pass away or wish to start planning, the kind and compassionate professionals at Carter Funeral Home are here to be your funeral director. We take care of all funeral arrangements and have prearranged funeral service packages suited for your individual needs.

Carter Funeral Home offers all faith funerals to honor the beliefs and traditions of all of our valued clients. We offer a cremation service with multiple other options included in our funeral planning service. Planning for funerals ahead of time can take stress off of your family members in the future and ensures enough time to think things through rather than rushing. We prevent you from handling too many things at a time where you need to focus on your well-being. We are here for you during the most difficult times and will help you discern what is best for your loved one.

If you are in need of funeral planning, contact Carter Funeral Home in West Point, MS. We will take care of you.